Sunday, November 4, 2012

A few of my favorite things!

What are some of your favorite things?
Honey Stinger..ROCKS my run! does the body good!
Bluemoon is a must after 13.1!

MCM 10k 10/28/2012

This race was so much fun!! We drove up from Stafford and took the metro in..met lots of fun peeps along the way.

We got there and had to wait in line for the restrooms so we started at the very end..I think we had one minute left and they were closing the start! YIKES!
Of course me and my runner girls were all pimped out in our superhero outfits.

This race is a must do!

My time was 1:00:23.

Trenton Half Marathon 11/10/2012

I loved this race! Maybe more so because I am from Jersey, and this was the first time I have ran there.
It was about a four hour drive and we had a blast! I went with my friends Lisa & Beth, two beautiful ladies inside and out!

We arrived at the host hotel around 1 pm, they said due to the storms checking in was not till 4 pm. All was well, we just went shopping and ate amazing food.

We returned to the hotel at 9pm to be told our room was still not ready, due to the storms all rooms were booked. No prob, we waited and they found us a room and we crashed! Ha... but the three of us had to share a king bed..poor Lisa got the middle.

So race time was 7:45, no 8:00,
no 8:45..but we started! And it was a good one..nah it was GREAT! I got a PR baby!! And ran in memory for my father in law Bernie, who passed away Nov 7, 2012.

The medal was total BLING! Shirts were awesome! I would run this again for sure! That's coming from a joyzee girl!